Our wide knowledge in different business sectors provides us with a know how to be able to like this, work the processes, and offer our client a higher service added value.

We are specialists in the direct search for Executives and middle management positions.


From Adunas we offer this service, and we cover the need in different functional areas, in General Managers, Finance Managers, Human Resources Managers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, etc.

We have professionals with extensive experience who will be able to fill these positions temporarily.


It is a method that consists of accompanying, instructing or training a person or a group of them, with the aim of meeting goals or developing specific skills. “Coaching” is a process that pursues as its main objective the maximum professional and personal development of the person who receives it, the result can be a great transformation.


Through an Agile methodology, we provide support to the Professional who is in the transitional stage of his/her career, helping him/her in the change.

The professional will enjoy a “set-up” to be able to look for his / her next professional opportunity.


Our experience has shown us that the evaluation of Manager, and Middle management, it is an optimal tool at a time of change within the companies, profound changes in the organization as a result for example of corporate strategy changes, expansion, launch of new business units, mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, etc.