On June 3rd , 2020 Rosaura Alastruey generated a debate for Barcelona Activa, where the topic was, WhatsApp as a Recruitment tool.

Defending the “Yes”, Lara Castellanos from Talent Acquisition Director at Retail Talent Group, and Merche Garcia, from Global Human Resources Business Partner at Freshperts, and defending the “No” Carmen Alguacil Director Executive Search Division from Pla Associats and María Guardans Cambó Founder and Managing Director of Adunas Consultants in Executive Search.


Maria Guardans defended the position in this way:

WhatsApp until recently was one of the few tools considered a tool to communicate on a personal level, friends, etc, Not a corporate tool. And somehow it still is. We do not use WhatsApp regularly to communicate with clients or candidates. If we ever send a “whats”, we would use it as a reminder in case we urgently need to contact the candidate, if it were the case that he did not respond to an email or a call first and we have to make an urgent change of agenda or some similar situation.

We would not use WhatsApp to interview a candidate, there are enough tools considered in the “professional” field (Skype, zoom, Google meet), which work perfectly. And they also allow to be done from the computer on the big screen, and not from a phone.

p class=”cpp-align”>If it were WhatsApp: the candidate would consider that it can be done from anywhere, including walking in the street

If it’s a computer screen, it forces you to find a discreet, quiet place where we can speak well.

With other tools, we can schedule the meeting and make announcements in time, everything is more formal
If messages come in on WhatsApp while you are in the interview, it is a continuous distraction that will prevent you from giving your best in the interview.
In a WhatsApp interview you cannot share files on the screen.