As CEO of Tarrago Brands, I am pleased to share our experience with Adunas. Our collaboration has always been extremely fruitful, in different areas: Operations (production and logistics) and Sales, where they have demonstrated a unique ability to understand and satisfy our needs with young and highly trained profiles.

The professionalism with which they handle each request is commendable. From the beginning, they demonstrate an exceptional commitment to precisely defining the profile sought, and always return with candidates who not only meet, but exceed our expectations. ADUNAS carries out meticulous work to guarantee the satisfaction of both our company and the hired professionals, who constantly highlight the excellence in the treatment received by the recruitment team.

It is evident that the quality of the service, the attention to detail and the results obtained are the result of a job well done. We are convinced that any company that decides to work with ADUNAS will experience the same level of professionalism and promising results that we have had the pleasure of enjoying. I highly recommend their services, certain that their intervention will be synonymous with success for any organization seeking not only to fill a vacancy, but also to enrich its team with top-level talent.