Maria has wide business knowledge of several industries becoming an ideal partner when searching strategic positions. Her broad network and empathy positioned her as a key player local and globally. The client’s requirements and needs understanding is also a personal strength that led to excellent outcomes. Adunas´s team is extremely professional, focused and customer-driven. Highly effective and trustworthy, they are committed to deliver business results to the highest quality standards.



The incorporation of a new partner is always a challenge. But in our case, due to a series of circumstances, we have been forced to simultaneously renew several members of the Executive Committee and to incorporate new positions in middle management. Adunas team, with Maria at the front have been the perfect partner, companion and collaborator throughout this whole process of profound change that we have completed with success.



Adunas Key is to know well the needs, the people, the culture and values of the company together with a personalized follow-up. All processes that we have done with them have been settled with a selection of candidate who then matched perfectly with us. María Guardans is involved from the outset and guides us to the final selection. For results but also for timings and cost we are very pleased to work with Adunas



We have had an extraordinary experience with Adunas in the executive search. The process is simple, direct and very efficient. Very professional. But what distinguishes the team that Maria manages is something else, it is the ability to empathize with us in such a way that from the first moment we knew that we would find together the candidate that we were looking for. They are part of our team.



Maria collaborated with us in the search for an executive. Her intuition to quickly grasp the culture and values of the company was key to the success of the process. The successful candidate was integrated seamlessly to our professional project.



Since the beginning of our collaboration, Maria understood very quickly our specific business model, our needs and expectation. For each search assignment, Maria and her Team demonstrate high level of professionalism and integrity. Dedicated and goal-oriented, Maria is a trustworthy person and reliable Partner.



Recruiting talent is always difficult, even more when the talent has to be accompanied by values and right attitudes. ADUNAS has been an ideal partner in finding key talent for our success. ADUNA’S job is to be a partner, not only a provider, and always searching the long-term view and the quality. Practical and human Professionals. Adunas cares for the candidates as much as for the clients, a key fact in a consumer brand.



To work with Adunas is synonymous of working with professionals. Since the beginning of the process by collecting information on the profile until submission of the final bill, the process is tainted with professionalism, honesty and good work. The thoroughness and attention to detail make the processes to be successful and have done excellent candidates incorporating our company. The opinion of the candidates at the end of the process is a guarantee of customs posts offered treatment by the Adunas Team.



To ask ADUNAS to look for the clue people for REITER has been altogether a walk through “Excellence”. If we could always treat our customers with such delicacy, efficiency and good results, as your team has done with us, I would have accomplished mi basic goal as a company. Our biggest success has been to give to ADUNAS the assignment to look for such a key resource at the present time for REITER. The rest of the success belongs to your team, from the first to the last person, until we have had with us the candidate we where dreaming on. I don’t know now who will be REITER searching in the future, but I’m sure I will try to have ADUNAS close when we decide to look for it. Thanks to you and all your team.



We would like to thank Mrs. Maria Guardans and her team for the excellent service she has offered to our company In the selection process, Adunas made impressive steps and was very expeditive in screening, selecting, pre-interviewing and recommending various candidates which all perfectly matched the job profile. The person we then employed is still with us and is out-performing year on year So in short we highly recommend any company to work together with Adunas as they are able to find the right fit for long term and they are very flexible in personalizing the search upon your request.

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